Here are some questions that pop up very frequently.
Where are Claren Guitars made?
Our guitars are made in Guangdong, China. Same city as Master Wong Fei Hong. 

Are your guitars full-solid?

Yes, all our guitars are full-solid builds. Laminate guitars don’t exist in our universe.

Do you accept custom orders?

No, we don’t take custom orders. But feel free to talk to us about what you like. It could be inspiration for new models.

Do you offer pickup upgrade options?

No, we don’t have upgrade options. You’re free to do your own upgrades.

How good are the pickups on your guitars?

We can confidently say that the pickups are perfectly usable in most live situations. You can always upgrade to your preferred pickups because our guitars are pickup-ready.

Do you have land-handed guitars?

Yes, we care for our lefty friends. Left-handed guitars can be ordered, but it will be on a full-payment order basis. Speak to us if you need this service.

What currency are you in dealing in?

Our prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). The prices are automatically converted to your local currency when you shop at our online store. 

Do you ship to my country?

We try to ship our guitars to as many countries as we can. Please check with us if your country is not listed in our checkout. We'll see if it is possible to add in your country of residence. 

Do you have a return policy?

No, we don't offer a return policy. 

Why don't you have a return policy?

Due the cost in return shipping and restocking fees, we feel that it is better off for you to sell your guitar in your local classifieds. We'll all save time and energy this way. 

Actually, we think it is unlikely that anyone would want to return our guitars outside warranty issues. 

Why doesn't your guitar sound like my Matin or Tailor or Gibsun or Watever guitar? 

We are Claren Guitars. So we don't sound like your Matin or Tailor or Gibsun guitars. It's obvious.