We're proud to present these features in our guitars. 

All-Solid Tone Woods

All our guitars are full-solid construction. Laminate guitars just don't exist in our universe. 

Unrivalled Playing Comfort

Our modern collection incorporates features such as chamfered edges and bevels for extended playing comfort.

Some deluxe models even feature a rib bevel to make the guitars feel smaller than their actual dimensions.

Furthermore, we use rounded fret ends to ensure maximum comfort when your fretting hand is flying up and down.


All our guitars are equipped with our in-house two-way pickup. Combining an under-saddle piezo and microphone, this system ensures that your guitar is ready to rock the stage. 

Exceptional Craftsmanship

We take pride in our products. Crude glue joints and rough finishes are outlawed here at Claren Guitars. 

Ours are not the usual OEM guitars. Claren Guitars are true works of art. 

Superb Value For Money

All our guitars offer the most value for money in their price points. For any model, you'll easily find other brands charging 5 times more (but not necessarily better). 

Ethical Company Practices

Claren Guitars stand by ethical business practices. All our hardworking factory staff from craftsmen to packers are paid adequate wages and our woods are legitimately sourced. 

No-BS Marketing

We have a disdain for "hype-marketing", so expect us to stay away from fanciful self-conferred titles such as "head luthier" or "master designer" when we introduce ourselves.

We're just a bunch of guitar fans trying to bring great guitars to guitar fans.

Trust us, life is too short to play a $2000 laminate guitar.